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At Aquafix we offer a specialist service to farms of all types and sizes. As local farmer's sons Gareth and Meredith both fully understand the demands and pressures placed on the modern farm which is why a 24/7 call out service is available. This has proved to be essential to many of our customers in agriculture.

Dairy & Parlour Wash-down

Our range of water pumps from leading manufactures including ESPA, Grundfos, DAB and Lowara, can be found working hard on hundreds of farms in the area. From hosing down parlours and collecting yards, to efficiently supplying plate coolers and drinking troughs, we have the pump for the job.

Dirty Water Treatment

We have been designing, installing and maintaining farm effluent systems for many years. With a huge range stock of pumps and spare parts, repairs are usually completed without delay. We are a distributor of reliable and well proven products including Mono Pumps and Briggs Roto Rainers.


We stock a variety of replacement pumps for clean and dirty water. We stock the following pumps: ESPA, DAB, Grundfos, Lowara, Mono and TT. Give us a ring to discuss which pump suits your needs.

Borehole Drilling

Whether a private borehole water supply is viable depends on many geological, hydrogeological and water quality based factors.
At your request we can provide you with an estimate of the cost of your borehole based on our vast experience and detailed geological records (some areas may need a detailed water prognosis report by a hydro geologist, which we can arrange at a cost).
We are happy to quote, design and specify systems for your specific needs.
With the rising cost of mains water your own supply will quickly become an increasing asset. Many of our water systems have paid for themselves in the first year of installation!

Water Treatment Systems

Groundwater produced by boreholes often needs to be treated in order to be suitable for drinking. Aquafix will advise, supply and install treatment plants to suit most requirements.

Electrical installation

At Aquafix we can also offer agricultural electrical of all types for example wiring sheds.

Rainwater Harvesting

We can also install tanks for rainwater harvesting for the use of wash-down systems to watering the garden. Feel free to enquire about this service.
Complete Wash-Down System Including Farm Pump and Plate Cooler.
Complete Wash-Down System Including Farm Pump and Plate Cooler.
Drilling Rig
Ultraviolet and sediment filter, purifying the water against bacteria and sediment.
Ultraviolet and sediment filter, purifying the water against bacteria and sediment.
Both Gareth and Meredith are happy to offer their advice and services in Welsh and English.

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