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Repairs, Maintenance and Services

Repairs and Refurbishment

We offer a 24/7 emergency call out service to all our customers. So if you find yourself without water or your sewage system is backing up, we are here to help.
We stock a large variety of spares and replacement parts to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Maintenance and Servicing

Are you concerned with the condition of your dirty water system?
An annual service can highlight any potential problems, reducing the risk of pollution, as well as extending the life of the system. Boreholes can provide many years of uninterrupted service, however, over time parts can become worn and sometimes require refurbishment. Regular servicing is advised to ensure smooth carefree running of your independent water supply. Please call us to arrange a service of your system.
If you notice that your borehole is not delivering the amount of water it did when newly constructed or that the cost of pumping the water from the borehole is increasing, your borehole probably needs refurbishing.
When water is travelling through the aquifer to the pump, it can carry fine sediment and dissolved minerals that eventually builds up and blocks the screen. Naturally occurring Iron Bacteria, if present, will eventually block the inflow of water. Your submersible pump could be worn.
Aquafix engineers can investigate the problem and recommend a solution. This could involve chemical treatment, scrubbing of the borehole walls or may be as simple as replacing a worn pump.
At Aquafix we have our own in house repair workshop where we are able to carry out the refurbishment of existing pumps and any other works needed.
Both Gareth and Meredith are happy to offer their advice and services in Welsh and English.

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